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Traditionally, the selling agent's role in a real estate transaction has been to represent the seller. This meant the selling agent owed a fiduciary duty to the seller, not to the buyer! It is possible, however, for the buyer to have representation whereby the selling agent would owe the fiduciary duty to the buyer. Ask Irwan Ngadisastra to assist you in making this decision by providing you with the Skyline Properties Buyer's Guide to Agency Representation.


Irwan Ngadisastra is a member of the Multiple Listing Association. This gives him access to information on all the properties offered for sale in the Puget Sound area. He will ensure that you will see all homes in which you are interested, regardless of who has listed the property.


Viewing Properties:


Communicate clearly to Irwan Ngadisastra your requirements for a new home, he will preview properties for you, selecting only those that fulfill your specific needs. If you see a home in an advertisement, either newspaper, magazine, TV or internet - or drive by a home you like, call your Irwan Ngadisastra for information. He can obtain all the information quickly and accurately from the listing broker without subjecting you to "strong arm" sales techniques you might be subjected to if you tried to obtain that information yourself. If you decide to attend an open house held by another Realtor, have a supply of Irwan's cards with you and explain you are working with another Realtor. This will avoid potentially uncomfortable or confusing circumstances.




Before, or shortly after you begin touring prospective properties, you should be Pre-Approved or Pre-Qualified for a mortgage loan. This will help you and Irwan Ngadisastra when negotiating, and it could possibly make the difference of getting your offer accepted over others! Many mortgage loan companies will offer you Pre-Approval or Pre-Qualifications over the phone, via e-mail and by appointment. By clicking on the financing link included on this web site, you will find one mortgage company which currently offers this service on line. Irwan Ngadisastra can also recommend a mortgage loan officer or assist you in locating one! This also saves you the time and effort of looking at homes outside of your price range. It is important to note the difference between Pre-Approval and Pre-Qualification. Pre-Approval is an actual mortgage loan approval based upon your credit report, income and assests. A Pre-Qualification is an educated estimate of what you would qualify for based upon non-verified information supplied by you. If at all possible, a Pre-Approval is the better way to go!


Making an Offer:


Irwan Ngadisastra will prepare with offer agreement for you and can guide you through the essential details. You will be asked to give a check for "Earnest Money Deposit" at the time the offer is prepared, so be sure to have your checkbook with you. Irwan Ngadisastra will assist you throughout the entire negotiating process.




The closing agent will prepare the necessary legal documents, including the deed, and call you for an appointment to sign your closing papers. When they call you for this appointment, they should tell you the exact amount you need to bring with you. As a general rule, personal checks are not accepted at closing, so be sure to bring a cashier's check. Once you have signed your closing papers, deposited your funds and the deed is recorded in your name, Irwan Ngadisastra can give you the keys to your new home!






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