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  • Paint all wood and trimwork
  • Repair Gutters and downspouts
  • Replace wood showing dry rot
  • Polish the door brass
  • Repaint or replace an unsightly mailbox
  • Put out a new or clean door mat
  • Do a thorough weeding and pruning job
  • Mow and Trim the lawn
  • Clean up grease/oil spots in driveway
  • Garage door should open freely
  • Don't park cars in front of house or driveway
  • Park RV's/boats/trailers in garage/carport or back of house, behind fence, etc.
  • Remove loose debris from roof
  • Trim any tree branches resting on roof
  • Straighten TV antenna
  • Clean pool and filtration equipement
  • Straighten tools and garden supplies in shed - organize outbuildings
  • Replace or repair door/window screens
  • Replace cracked or broken window panes




  • Repair all holes/damage and paint all interior walls
  • Clean woodwork thoroughly
  • Wallpaper should be clean and adhere smoothly to walls
  • Drapery hardware should work easily
  • Draperies should be clean, hung properly
  • Repair or replace doors with holes
  • All doors and hardware should work properly
  • Repair or replace missing ceramic and vinyl tiles
  • Polish all vinyl and ceramic surfaces
  • Repair loose stair treads and carpeting
  • Steam clean carpets (if pet odors are present, clean well before the home is placed on the market to eliminate thoroughly)


Mechanical & Electrical:


  • Replace ALL burned out light bulbs inside and outside
  • Repair or replace wall switches or outlets that don't work
  • Replace broken switch plates
  • Repair or replace badly chipped or stained porcelain fixtures
  • Repair dripping faucets
  • All appliances should be sold with house, should be in good working condition. (If you know that appliances or equipment is not working properly, you must point this out to potential buyers if you don't intend to repair them.)
  • Repair leaking or noisy toliets


General Appearance:


  • Clear out closets as much as possible, straighten up what remains
  • Clean out and orgranize cabinets in bathroom and kitchen
  • Clean out garbage, throw out, store or sell unneeded items
  • Keep bath towels fresh
  • Clean all windows - inside and out
  • Keep dirty laundry to a minimum, store in utility area instead of living area when house is being shown
  • Keep all trash and garbage outside of house


Tips for Showing:


  • Open all draperies, unless there is an objectionable view
  • Turn on lights if necessary to get a bright and cheerful look
  • Keep doors closed except for walk in closets (keep those doors slightly open and turn on lights to attract attention)
  • Remove any signs or posters that might be offensive
  • If you smoke, keep ashtrays clean during showing
  • Set out fresh flowers for appearance and fragrance
  • Bake bread, or some other pleasant smelling food, but avoid seafood or strong smelling vegetables
  • Have copies of the last twelve months of utility bills available, or a written summary of amounts paid
  • Keep pets out of the house
  • If you are playing the radio or stereo, it should be at a low volume



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